Monday, July 28, 2014

Our house! with pictures

Mads and I moved closer to central Copenhagen last September. We moved into a really nice and cosy semi detached house in a green neighborhood near a forest and the local train station. The house is very light with white walls in every room (besides one of the walls in the bedroom that is mintblue), and light wooden flooring. Anyhow, here are a few photos - photos of the outside will have to wait though:

Welcome in side! (Yes, the door has to be red, unfortunately). We are going to put up a mirror on the wall in the far back - we just need to find the perfect one!

Here is the kitchen, one of my favorite rooms! It's so light and pretty! You can't really see it, but there are hints of pink in both the floor and the countertops! There's a huge fridge to the right in the second photo as well. The big freezer is in our laundry room though.

Awesome feature! This is where we have breakfast, also works as a bar at parties.

Here is the livingroom area - still waiting for cushions for the couches though. We have a little lamp and stuff on the small round table between the couches now, so it doesn't look as empty. I am in love with this area and I totally love the table, which is made of re-used wood. There are two big windows in this room, and a door to the backyard.

Here is the dining area (same room as the previous picture), my least favorite part of the house because of the dark colors! The chairs are going to be replaced in the near future, so we will get white or beige chairs. :) Also, Rango's terrarium is closed at the bottom, so you don't have to see all the stuff there. Might be able to talk Mads into buying a new rug eventually as well, hehe.

This is the second floor, when you come up the strairs, you're in our TV room! I am looking for a painting for the wall, and we are buying new cushions, but this is the one room where I get to have pink decorations, haha.

Our bedroom! I also want something on this wall (the blue one, which looks a bit more blue in real life).

Other side of the bedroom, obviously with a big-ass closet and drawers for the rest of my stuff, haha. Excuse and the clothes hanging over the laundry basket. Those are sweatpants or sweaters that we re-use at home before washing them... Because you don't have to wash such clothes straight away. ;)

In total, we have 120 square meeters of house and 90 square meeters of backyard. We have three bedrooms; one which is ours, one that is our guestroom and a third that is currently used as a reptile room but that will be changed into a small gym area. We also have the big livingroom, the kitchen, bathroom and a laundry room downstairs. In our backyard we have a big apple tree, and a shed. My bunny hutches are also in the backyard, which is awesome! They get to come out and run, plus I can give them free branches from the tree and grass from the lawn, haha. 

Hope you liked it! I will probably update the blog whenever we buy new things for the house.

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