Monday, July 28, 2014

I am back! Updates on my life!

Hiyaaa! I'm back! I left this blog a little over a year ago, and since then I have been blogging on other blogs, mostly in Swedish, but today I decided to come back. Why? Well, I guess I miss blogging in English, and I don't really want to delete this blog... so why not use it?

So then, what's new?

Oh jeez... a lot! Let's start with me. I still live in Denmark with my boyfriend Mads. We celebrated 3 years together last month. I study in Malmö, which is a city in southern Sweden, just across the water from Copenhagen. I still enjoy pretty much the same things, except I'm really into working out lately (strength training). Also, I have had all kinds of hair colors since last time! Here are a few examples:

I dyed my hair mahogany (like a really dark red with a purple tint) in October last year. It faded into a brown-ish red color after just a month or so. 

When the red color had faded into a more orange-red shade, and my blonde roots started showing, I decided to try to go back to blonde again. I bleached it probably twince, and used a pearl blonde hairdye to finally go back to blonde right in time for New year's Eve 2013-2014.

After being blonde for a while, I tried to get as silver colored hair as possible and it turned out a very light ash blonde. I got bored again and missed the warmer tones, so I dyed my hair strawberry blonde (turned out a little more orange than I wanted, but I still liked it).

Last but not least - I finally dyed my hair pink! I used Manic Panic's Mystic heather, which is a gorgeous color! Unfortunately it only lasted for a little over a week in my hair. I think it's because I didn't bleach my hair before applying the hairdye. Oh well, I loved it while it lasted. :)

I will make a new post about where we live now! We moved last September, and we absolutely love it here! I just have to show you pictures as well. :) Stay tuned!

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