Monday, June 10, 2013

2nd anniversary

Mads and I are celebrating our second anniversary today! Well actually, we celebrated Saturday. Mads took me to a big aquarium, and then we went out for lunch. After that we went to Ripley's believe it or nor, and then we had ice cream, and later we went to IKEA to pick out a couch for our new house!

Here are some cellphone pictures from Saturday. Since it was a surprise, I didn't think to bring a camera, unfortunately. But it was a great day, and I hope the pictures tell the story anyway ;)

Me at the Amazonas-part of the aquarium

Piranas, and a charming pose by me, lol!

The love of my life <3 p="">
Getting attacked by a shark...

And last but not least, I decided to bake cupcakes today! Fluffy chocolate cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting! They are sooo delicious, makes me drool just thinking about them ;) There was some leftover frosting, so I decided to freeze it. Maybe it'll be a yummy ice cream! :D

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