Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jelly inspired makeup - no circle lenses

I tried a bit of a Jelly magazine inspired makeup (but without circle lenses, I don't have any since the ones I had back in Sweden are too old now). Too bad you can barely see the blush or eyeshadow. And I guess my eyebrows are too dark according to the gyaru magazines these days, lol! ^^ Maybe I should invest in a somewhat light eyebrow pencil. 

Anyhow, here are a few updates in different categories:

Tilde world

Bad news: I'm going to the doctor tomorrow because my collarbone is somehow swollen. I hope she will actually listen to me this time. Otherwise I'm getting a new doctor!
Good news: Mads and I are hoping to move into a house by summer. That will only happen if the seller accepts our bid, but I really hope we can move! :)

Bunny world

Bad news: Casino has bitten Mads and is extremely aggressive towards him. She's also aggressive towards me, but not as much. Anyhow, we decided to return her to the seller, because they lied about her being sweet and cuddly... They also lied about her gender...
Good news: All the baby bunnies are reserved! We are keeping Pepper, and I reserved a female for him! They will probably breed in (late) summer when they're old enough!

Reptile world

Bad news: We found out that one of our Murphy Patternless that we sold a while back, has died. R.I.P. Midnight! :(
Good news: Wendy is gravid, and we have a new business partner! We will probably go to the Hamm show in September and sell some snakes and geckos!

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