Friday, March 29, 2013

Presents :)

My family came over for dinner today! I haven't seen them since Christmas! :) They're in Denmark over the Easter weekend, and tomorrow we're going on an adventure in Copenhagen! Will be fun! Oh, and they brought me a few presents! A top, bangles, a magazine with BB cream, foundations, an electronic toothbrush (lol), makeup remover, body butter, napkin rings, vitamins and other stuff. Also a bowl to cook food in the oven. :)

Foundatons and BB cream (and a lip balm)! Will have to try the colors tomorrow...

Napkin rings saying "smaklig måltid" (bon appétit)!

A top from Birmingham + bangles

Body butter from The body shop :)

I will bring my camera tomorrow and hopefully I will remember to take some pictures! Hope it won't be snowing... I want summer to arrive already! hah

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Anonymous said...

Du glömde den fina eltandborsten med alla reservborstar!:)