Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lady in red

Okay, so Friday I went out for dinner with Mads and his family. We went to a cosy restaurant where there unfortunately was a drunk lady dining (because there is a pub next door). She yelled at the waitress and then fell asleep, lol. On her way out she knocked down a couple of wineglasses. That was pretty annoying...

Anywho, we somehow started talking about animal abuse and people in China who keep turtles alive in keychains, and make dog soup when boiling the poor dogs alive! I said that if I ever went to China and saw a man making dog soup, I would push him into the boiling water! Mads' mom looked at me and said in a very serious voice; "No Tilde, you shouldn't do that - Chinese people don't taste good." LOL! Obviously that wasn't racist, they have even lived in Hong Kong.

So when Mads and I went home that evening we saw a high school student sitting on the ground by a tree. We thought he might be drunk because the school was having a party, so we walked up to him and asked if he needed us to call him a cab. He replied that he was just waiting for his friends because he had lost his wallet. When Mads and I walked up to our apartment, Mads talked about the boy's situation and he summed it up by saing that the boy has lost his "pung" - which in Danish means wallet, but in Swedish that means balls (testicles)! So he basically said that the boy had lost his balls and was waiting for his friends to arrive so they could look for them! HAHA! I laughed so hard! It was a fun evening ^^

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