Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pictures from Copenhagen

The little mermaid - sooo many tourists there!

This is just outside of Christiania, "the free land" of Denmark.

I'm so tired now after such a long day, but it was a good day :) Sadly, my family is leaving again tomorrow... I will miss them!! Too bad they couldn't stay longer... I hope they will visit soon again! 

New boots

I bought new boots today, because my feet died after 5 hours of walking around in not so comfortable wedges. Love the studs! Exactly what I've been needing this winter. Although spring is almost here now, lol. Anyhow, here's an outfit picture as well.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shopping in Copenhagen :)

Since my family is visiting me in Denmark, we went for a small shopping trip in Copenhagen today. Of course we had to take a family picture as well! Dad, mom, sister, brother and me! 

Eric and Mads, posing in a Disney shop

Here is what I bought, a lace shirt (the back is only lace, so it's kind of see-through), and a super cute necklace! My sister bought the same necklace, so now we are necklace twins :) lol

We later went to Mads' family's summer house for lunch. We just got home! It was very nice and we had some good Easter food. My family doesn't understand Danish 100% but I was impressed!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Presents :)

My family came over for dinner today! I haven't seen them since Christmas! :) They're in Denmark over the Easter weekend, and tomorrow we're going on an adventure in Copenhagen! Will be fun! Oh, and they brought me a few presents! A top, bangles, a magazine with BB cream, foundations, an electronic toothbrush (lol), makeup remover, body butter, napkin rings, vitamins and other stuff. Also a bowl to cook food in the oven. :)

Foundatons and BB cream (and a lip balm)! Will have to try the colors tomorrow...

Napkin rings saying "smaklig måltid" (bon appétit)!

A top from Birmingham + bangles

Body butter from The body shop :)

I will bring my camera tomorrow and hopefully I will remember to take some pictures! Hope it won't be snowing... I want summer to arrive already! hah

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Easter! + news

I know it's a bit early, but two of the kits (Pepper and Vanilla), wish you a Happy Easter!

I will be busy the whole Easter holiday because my family from Sweden is visiting! :) Also, Mads and I are planning on moving to a house, so there is a lot to think about and plan. We went to look at houses yesterday and we, especially I, fell for one house in particular. It's perfect for us! I'm so excited! I hope we will get the house so we can move there :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

New watercolors

Yesterday, Mads' sister and her girlfriend came over for lunch (we had chicken pesto salad). They also brought a bag from Mads' mother containing, among other things, these pretty little guys!

They are watercolors, in colors I don't already have - she got me three of them! ^^

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lady in red

Okay, so Friday I went out for dinner with Mads and his family. We went to a cosy restaurant where there unfortunately was a drunk lady dining (because there is a pub next door). She yelled at the waitress and then fell asleep, lol. On her way out she knocked down a couple of wineglasses. That was pretty annoying...

Anywho, we somehow started talking about animal abuse and people in China who keep turtles alive in keychains, and make dog soup when boiling the poor dogs alive! I said that if I ever went to China and saw a man making dog soup, I would push him into the boiling water! Mads' mom looked at me and said in a very serious voice; "No Tilde, you shouldn't do that - Chinese people don't taste good." LOL! Obviously that wasn't racist, they have even lived in Hong Kong.

So when Mads and I went home that evening we saw a high school student sitting on the ground by a tree. We thought he might be drunk because the school was having a party, so we walked up to him and asked if he needed us to call him a cab. He replied that he was just waiting for his friends because he had lost his wallet. When Mads and I walked up to our apartment, Mads talked about the boy's situation and he summed it up by saing that the boy has lost his "pung" - which in Danish means wallet, but in Swedish that means balls (testicles)! So he basically said that the boy had lost his balls and was waiting for his friends to arrive so they could look for them! HAHA! I laughed so hard! It was a fun evening ^^

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tirin today

As requested by my sister, I camwhored a bit today. I cut my bangs, so I thought I would show it off ;) Plus Mads and I went to Lyngby to do some shopping, so I "had to" do my makeup anyway.

We made ice cream soda today, but Mads didn't like it so I got 1,5 l all for myself! Omnomnom! 

The bunny babies have all opened their eyes today! Soon they will be running around exploring the balcony ^^ So cute! Hopefully it will be warmer by then, this week is sooo cold!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Easter bunny napkin fold

Now I'm ready for Easter! I learned how to fold a napkin into the easter bunny, by using this tutorial. I'm going to buy new, colorful napkins to use though. :) My family will be so impressed! lol They are visiting over the Easter weekens (Friday to Monday), and I'm really excited about it! It will be the first time my family meets Mads' family, hah. Let's hope everything goes well. :)

By the way, the bunny babies are all healthy and growing quickly! They will soon open their eyes, and within a week they will be running all over the place! ^^ If you want more pictures of them, you can follow my bunny blog. I watched Charlie feed them this morning! She's such an awesome mom. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Willow on an adventure

 See more photos on my bunny blog.