Sunday, February 10, 2013

New hair style

I decided to get bangs again, so yeah. This is the result! My hairstyle before and after:

And obviously, because I took the time to cut my own hair, I had a bit of a camwhoring session. In the middle of taking ego pics, I noticed that Willow wasn't in his cage! He had figure out how to open the door so he was jumping around on the balcony, lol! Luckily, Casino wasn't mean to him.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Mads is in France right now on a skiing vacation with his dad. So I'm home alone, sick with the flu, taking care of all the animals. But it's ok, I get to drink chocolate milk and eat cookies while watching movies. :)


spetsflickan said...

Hur gör du de stora lockarna på bilderna överst? vilken locktång använder du?

Tirin said...

Eftersom jag har naturligt lockigt hår så plattar jag först håret lite.. Sedan använder jag en medeltjock locktång och virar ganska tunna slingor runt, håller i några sekunder och sedan släpper. När jag har gjort så med hela håret så kammar jag ut lockarna med mina fingrar :)