Monday, February 11, 2013

Chicken salad with peanut butter sauce

I made the most delicious dinner today! Chicken with peanut butter sauce in a salad, mmmm! Mads doesn't like peanuts (except in peanut butter cups), so I have to eat it a lot now that he's in France! haha I have also made a chicken-bacon salad - yummy!

The peanut butter sauce is very simple to make. You need the following:

♡ Peanut butter of your choice
♡ Whipcream/coconut milk
♡ Sambal oelek
♡ Lime

How much of each? Well I just improvise! :)


Anny said...

I'm definitely trying this whenever I can find that low carb peanut butter that I've heard of! This looks delicious and I love chicken, so I'm not sure what could go wrong!

Tirin said...

You should try it! It's absolutely delicious :D