Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy new year!

Wow, it's already 2013 - can you believe it?! I had a great New year's Eve, and I hope you guys did too! :) I celebrated with my boyfriend (of course), and his sister and her girlfriend. It was super fun, and really nice! But I will let (some of) these following pictures speak for themselves!

My look for the night!
We went from this (nice dinner)...

... to this, bottles and more bottles.

Mads got a lot of New year's kisses - and so did I!

Time for some fireworks!

I have to explain this... Not the mojito, but the other drink (the beige-ish one)! I mixed a caramel flavored liquor (love those), and mixed it with coke! It's soooo good! It tastes just like ice cream soda! Mmmm, that's gonna be my new standard drink at parties - lol!

Mads' sister Cathrine took a loooot more photos! We will see if, or when, I can get her to send them to me ;) But that's all for now! Have a great 2nd of January 2013!


Anonymous said...

Har du frågat om du får lägga ut bilderna? Kanske inte alla vill outas, Tildiga. Var är maten? Det viktigaste för ett fint nyår!

Tirin said...

Vadå får? Jag är fotograf (på de flesta bilder) och det krävs inget tillstånd. :P Enda gången man behöver personens godkännande är när det är i reklamsyfte.

Maten syns på den tredje bilden!

Anonymous said...

Tomma tallrikar och syns inte vad det är för mat, ju.