Thursday, January 31, 2013

A bunny love

My blog has been mostly about bunnies these days (sorry about that, if those adorable animals do not interest you), but before I change the subject I have a few more bunny things to share. :) On Sunday, Mads and I are going to get another bunny! His color is called Harlequin (yellow/orange with black stripes, almost like a tiger), and he is a Holland lop, you know, those cute bunnies with floppy ears. I will get him a female eventually, because I plan on breeding Harlequin Holland lops! :)

Found this cute thing on Kaori Taylor's blog!

I ordered 14 kg hay and a toilet for the new bunny. I'm still not sure what to call him though. He's a bit over 1 year old and adorable! I'm thining of the following names:


Not sure which one to pick though... Either way, I'm really excited and looking forward to Sunday!

Harlequin Hollap lop baby and adult

I can also happily tell you that Charlie is most likely pregnant and will have babies within a month (end of February or the 1st of March)! As last time, the babies will be lionheads with a little Netherland dwarf (at first the Swedish breed name translated into Polish rabbit, but Netherland dwarf is the correct breed). Some might get blue eyes, just like Charlie :)

I have now officially a Rabbitry called Videungkaniner (meaning Willow bunnies). Our website is only available in Swedish or Danish though, but feel free to check it out

Mads and I made a video of Willow and Charlie breeding! Romantic, huh? ;)

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