Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shopping haul, at last!

Finally, here's my "mini shopping haul", hehe. :) Sorry I didn't take better photos, but these will do. I only bought things I needed (well besides the top, but it was so cheap it doesn't matter), that's why I don't have a mountain of clothes to show you!

This is what I got at the sale, not much, but enough!

First off, my bra. I bought it at Change, because regular stores don't have my size. :( It's so comfy, but was pretty expensive... Totally worth the money though! and with cute details ^^

Here's a top from H&M, love the color! It was really cheap, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it. Lace on the sides... ;) I also bought socks because I don't have enough... these are a pair for every day of the week (I was wearing one pair, that's why it's missing, lol)!

Here they are, the best winter boots I have had in a long, long time! Almost 70% off! Very comfortable and pretty too! Makes my legs look just a tiny bit longer! Actually my other boots all leak or aren't warm enough, so these were well needed.

That's all! Might show you some of my Christmas presents some other time, and review the mascara later tonight (might actually publish the post early tomorrow instead). See you! (#^v^#)/


Meow said...

what is it your size? mine is growing bigger and bigger lol

Tirin said...

In clothes I use 34, XS or S (sometimes a bit bigger if I want loose fitting clothes)... In shoes I use 38 mostly (which is a US 7/UK 5), same for the socks, and bra size is 65E/30E, lol!