Thursday, December 20, 2012

My hair now VS then

I dyed my hair again today, because the color had faded again. I dye it copper blonde, so a kind of darker blonde color. As you know, my hair was platinum blonde before. Here is a comparison:

Also, fake curls VS my natural curls

Which is better? :)


Anonymous said...

Your natural curls are so pretty!

Tirin said...

Aww thank you! :D

Anonymous said...

Tirin! You should totally go all-natural with your hair you Earth-loving bunny girl! Stop using unnatural commercial color & products, & stop heat treating it, like meow. You can naturally bleach your hair with simple honey & water, because honey contains natural peroxide. Baking soda, vinegar, fair trade moroccan oil, & teas are the best hair products. You can custom fragrance your vinegar with herbs, it's lovely. Start lightly oiling it & braiding every night before sleep. Get a silk pillowcase. Stop brushing your natural curls!! You're a curly girl! Embrace it! Show us your natural beauty:)) If you do all this, you will be able to grow out super-long, healthy hair, detoxify your body & improve your auto-immune sensitivities, & help detoxify & save the oceans by reducing plastic & toxic chemical waste. I'm adding a link to an online, english language, long hair community forum that will change your life. I just found you on the internet randomly somehow. Keep taking care of the animals, & accept this challenge, Tirin;) XO, an Alaskan girl

Tirin said...

Thank you very much for the tips! :) I've stopped dying my hair for some time now, and I very rarely style it with heat. I only use curly girl method-approved products as well :)

I can unfortunately not use silk sheets since I live with my boyfriend, and he would disapprove of that. :P