Monday, December 17, 2012

First day of workout

I started the day by doing a double lean leg pyramid this morning. For those of you who don't know what that is, take a look at this:
I then had breakfast and went out for a short run an hour later. I just installed RunKeeper on my iPhone, and it says I will be able to run 5 km in 10 weeks - but I will set my goal to 10 km in 12 weeks! Why? I found a really inspirational website with challenges when running. For instance, the first week you run 12 min one day, 15 min the next and then 12 again (you can spread out these exercises over the week). The next week, you run 15 min, then 18 min, and then 16 min. The week after that, you run 20 min, then 20 min again, and then 16 min, and so on. 

I will start tomorrow by running those 12 min, then rest Wednesday (because that's Mads' day off, I think), and run 15 min on Thursday, and 12 min on Friday or Saturday.

I will update you every month with a photo of how my body as changed so far :) I will upload the "before" (current) photo later. Now I'm gonna go make me a chicken salad!


Anonymous said...

Om man går ut för hårt är det lätt att man slutar och ger upp inom kort. Ta det lite lagom lugnt, Tildiga.<3

Shelb said...

If you aren't that excited about running I know power walking (as strange as that sounds) is really good for you and tones really well because it's harder to walk really fast than to do a run or a jog.

Tirin said...

I usually powerwalk when I'm too tired to run. It's great workout for your arms too because you move them so much :)

Jag pressar mig inte för mycket, springer endast så mycket som jag orkar, plus lite till. Försöker att ta det lugnt och i min egna takt. :)

Anonymous said...

you seem really inspired right now but make sure you keep this up over a longer period! it would be a pity if your resolutions fade too quickly, it often happens if your too enthusiastic from the start. anyway, good luck!