Saturday, November 10, 2012

Filling the blog...

Just to fill the blog with some awesomeness once again, ego pics time!

It's so cold these days! Can't wait for winter to be over... I have some special breeding plans for my leopard geckos this spring, plus we might breed the bunnies again, hehe. :3 Once you have had kits, you don't want to go back to not breeding! If bunnies weren't enough, I also want to breed dogs in the future, I wonder what Mads would say about that, lol!


Samantha said...

Gorgeous lip color with your hair!! Really I love it a ton.
I think that breeding bunnies and puppies is the cutest thing in the world! If he gets to breed geckos you can breed bunnies and puppies!

Tirin said...

Thank you<3 Oh actually, I am the one breeding geckos, my boyfriend breeds snakes :P haha but I think I should get to breed puppies too, in the future... I mean, who can resist the cuteness??