Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 6: RIOT!

I think today's blog challenge, hen VS egg, is stupid, so I'll just reply "the egg (mutation and poff there's a hen)", and fill this post with an ego pic from before I dyed my hair darker! 

I need to buy new hair dye soon, mine's starting to wash off. I will use the same color, Copper blonde :) I love the red-ish color on me! I can tell my hair is becoming healthier from not bleaching it as well. I have a lot more curls and corkscrew curls, plus it feels much smoother.


Samantha said...

That's so nice I think the colors is absolutely stunning on you!Plus healthy hair always looks 400 times better, I have a friend who used to straighten her hair every single day with the highest heat and her hair was dark brown and the bottom of it was so filled with split ends and so fried that it actually had like white looking ends and it looked hoooorrible! (soo not worth it) The hair dresser told her if she kept doing it she would eventually have no hair when she got older! YIKES!

Tirin said...

Oh that's bad! :S I used to straighten my hair everyday when I was 13 (my hair was frizzy back then, not straight nor curly). These days I only straighten it maybe once a month. Need to be more careful with my hair - i need it! xD