Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 2: Latest message in my inbox

This one is no fun, because the latest message is a mail from the online petshop Zooplus, lol! And latest message on my iPhone is from my mom saying she finally got an iPhone with viber, so I should keep in touch better, haha. :)

I'll just show you my new ombre nails instead:

This time I only used two colors, candy floss pink and cerise. I'm thinking of painting my nails again tomorrow or so, at least this weekend. I have another style in mind. :)

I'm going to wish for nail polish and nail decorations for Christmas! I've missed doing nail art. I need nail polish in the following colors; light green, metallic gold + silver, glitter, white, mint blue, and another candy floss pink! Maybe a light yellow one too! Btw, my favorite makeup brand at the moment  is Barry M!


Anonymous said...

Ombre nails are so cute I love them a lot I love using glitter at the tips too it just makes reaching for things and seeing them glitter that much more exciting!

Tirin said...

I love them too! :) Ooo glitter and gemstones are my favorite on nails! I LOVE to see them sparkle, haha. ^^