Tuesday, November 13, 2012

31-Day blog challenge

I decided to be more active blogging, and chose a 30 day blog challenge that I find interesting! It's actually in Danish, but obviously I will translate each day's task and write in English. :) Ok, here it is:

1. What material thing would you bring to a desert island?
2. Show your latest message in your inbox (if it's private, take the next)
3. Top 10 favorite books/movies.
4. Show something you have gotten but never want to let go of.
5. A food you can always eat, and something you would never eat.
6. What came first, the hen or the egg? (lol)
7. A CD cover that makes you think.
8. A self-portrait. 
9. A video/photo of your closet and favorite outfit.
10. Something you use everyday without thinking about it, but it wouldn't be the same without it.
11. Everything you have eaten the past 24 hours. 
12. Your Facebook status and an explanation.
13. This or that?
14. Show a pictue of your desk and what it says about you.
15. A recipe you have made yourself, plus pictures.
16. What are you always wearing/do you always bring with you? - Besides phone
17.  The weirdest dream you have had.
18. An experience the past year you'd like to remember.
19. Something you have made.
20. Is there any music that has changed you?
21. A quote you love, and why.
22. What sense would you choose to live without (if you had to choose). 
23. What language would you like to learn the most?
23. A person you look up to.
25. A 7 days schedule over the past week.
26. A genius invention. 
27. The most ridiculous movie you have ever seen.
28. What does your choice of phone say about you?
29. Your 3 favorite places in your room.
30. Show and tell about a photo you think is beautiful.
31. If you could change something in the world, what would it be?

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Samantha said...

so cool ill be checking your blog out everyday!