Saturday, October 13, 2012

The white dress

A few of you fashion interested readers wanted to see what the white cut-out dress looks like on, and here it is! Photos from the front, side, and back! The dress is called "Cut out Embellish dress" from Sequin mania, and I bought it from

The stones should have continued around I think, because as someone on Nelly said, it almost looks like a sports bra and skirt. For me it's whatever, I think the dress is very pretty! I do advice anyone who wants to wear this dress, not to wear it when you are home alone - you do need help to get it off (unless you have an extremely small head).

Note: You can wear it with a bra, but you might see the straps, even with a multi-way bra. Strapless would work better. And don't wear colorful underwear. ;)


Samantha said...

I really love this dress. I didn't really notice how the neckline would look but it is honestly so gorgeous! I love how it cuts out around the arms as well I think it gives it a very sophisticated look. Definitely going to need to get a dress like this now! I love it sooo much. I think you look great in it because you have a great shape and you are taller. I think that if someone shorter was wearing it they might have to alter it in order for it to look nice. Model definitely!!! I adore it!

Anonymous said...

I love the dress, you are a model!! Beautiful / T