Monday, October 29, 2012

Surprise from!

Since I shopped during the time when the online shop Nelly took forever to send all the orders, I received an e-mail today with a gift certificate for 100 DKK. Yay! That means I have in total gotten 250 DKK (or "Nelly money") from them, plus high heels worth 599 DKK! = In total 849 DKK/ 114€/ $147! Lesson learned = it pays off to complain. ;)

I decided to spend some of the "Nelly money" this weekend, and bought the neckring - if you buy a regular one, they are pretty expensive, but this one was super cheap! And if I want, I can just remove the feather. ^^ I also bought the black dress, which has an open back (not fully, but a bit), and the blue feather earrings. I don't know why I've started to love feathers and colored accessories. Maybe I'm becoming a hippie, lol.


zzzzzzzz said...

Alla har fått den där Nelly-100 kr-saken ;)))) Köpte igår en klänning för 5 kr, tack vare presentkortet samt att de hade räknat en massa fel i systemet också ;) Den är SÅ fin <3

Tirin said...

Åh fuskare! Vadå räknat fel?? :( Jo men alla som hade shoppat då fick (stod det) inte alla-alla! :O