Thursday, October 11, 2012

Makeup tutorial

Here's a simple tutorial on a makeup style that both looks great for an everyday look, but also is perfect for a party or special event. You will need the following items:

❤ Eyelash curler
❤ Eyeliner - brown
❤ Mascara
❤ Liquid eyeliner - black
❤ Eyeshador; white/beige, brown

1. Curl your lashes and draw the upper lashline, to better blend the liquid eyeliner with your lashes.

 2. Put on the light eyeshadow over your whole eyelid. 
Apply mascara. I stopped at two layers (2nd pic).

 3. Apply the liquid eyeliner like a "cat eye". Apply the dark eyeshadow over the eyeliner and create a bow, following the bone contours of your eye. Also, add some eyeshadow under your eye. If you want, apply mascara to your lower lashes.

All done! :)


Eliva Hellena said...

Ahhh I really love your current, natural look. Also the idea to keep your hair grow naturally (and yes, your natural colour's beautiful enough)is great. Wish to see more natural Tirin in the future haha :D



Samantha said...

Do you think liquid liner is better than a creme liner? I have used liquid liner and I think that it leaves this like shiny look on my eye that looks wet and I have tried a ton of different brands and I still get that same shiny finish it drives me crazy!

Tirin said...

Eliva: Thank you <3 Haha I felt that now that I'm in my 20s I should try to look more mature/natural... hope it works ;)

Samantha: I don't think it matters. If you prefer a creme eyeliner, you should use that. :)