Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Tiger makeup

I know it's not Halloween yet, but I wanted to try a tiger makeup! I was inspired by this blog. Excuse my angry faces, but I tried to think tiger, you know, to make the look more believable. 
What I used for the tiger look was the following makeup items:

❤ Bronzer
❤ White eyeshadow
❤ Mascara
❤ Black liquid eyeliner
❤ Black eyeliner, lots of it
❤ White eyeliner (mostly for the eyebrows)
❤ False lashes

Indoor light

I decided not to make the black parts very dark. You can make it much more detailed with a sharp eyeliner. I was just too lazy to find my pencil sharpener ;)

Jag testade tiger-smink idag, inför Halloween! Kanske kan vara bra inspiration för vissa av er. :) Såklart hade jag på mig den nya klänningen från Nelly också - den är ju tigermönstrad! 


Anonymous said...

Tokiga tigertildiga!

Samantha said...

Oh wow that is really amazing. Do you have any other make up inspirations for different animals. I like this better than tying on an eye mask that always comes undone anyway.

Tirin said...

Samantha: I can try to do a lion or so :) I don't really have the right kind of makeup for these looks, but I can try. ^^