Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dyed my hair - Goodbye platinum blonde!

Mads and I went to a city called Lyngby to buy some food for our geckos, and for Rango, our awesome chameleon. I brought my gift certificate from Matas (a makeup store) which was a present from Mads' parents on my bday. Why? Well, I bought some hairdye because I finally decided to dye my hair today!

I've been wanting to do something with my awful roots for some time now, and since I want something more natural and closer to my real color, I chose a light beige blonde. I love the results! The color looks great on me (if I can say so myself)! :)

So I went from being platinum blonde (with golden blonde roots) to a light beige blonde (as you can see to the left - the roots look darker because of the flash from the camera), and I did it all by myself! Who needs a hairdresser? pfffttt....!

What do you prefer, this color or the platinum blonde one?

 Seen from the front and from above

So how did I do it all by myself? Well, with these two lovely products:

I started with applying the Casting crème gloss (Sunny Honey, copper blonde) on my bleached hair. It is extremely important to give your bleach blonde hair red pigment before dying it - if you don't it will turn green! I waited about 15 min and then put some on my roots. After 5 min I washed my hair. When my hair was almost dry, I put the Préférence 8.1 Copenhagen (Light ash blonde) on my roots, waited about 20 min and then made some highlights in the rest of my hair.


Bommelfee said...

Thanks for the detailed description. I was thinking of going from platinum blonde to a more natural shade as well.
So far I never really dared to "re-pigment" my bleached hair with reddish colour, but your hair turned out so great that I will try and copy your method and use of products.
You look great!

Tirin said...

Thank you! :) Glad I could help! It's all about having the guts to just "go for it"! Hope your hair will turn out just as you want it! :)

estetik said...

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Samantha said...

WOW your hair looks absolutely amazing like this. It is such a good color for you really and its healthier for your hair! Win Win situation!!!

Tirin said...

Thank you <3 Yeah it's much healthier - I will never bleach my hair again!