Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dark lips

I love lipstick (used to be an addict, lol), in all kinds of colors! But when I was a bleached blonde, it looked pretty dumb having dark lips with that light hair! So I love that I can now, finally, apply dark lipstick without looking like a weirdo! ;) My hair color also lets me use minimum amount of makeup without looking pale or even sick. I love it!

I used a dark colal colored lipliner from e.l.f. on my lips, and then applied a bit of neon pink lipstick. It got a bit too light, so I took very little brown eyeliner, and finished with another thin layer of the neon pink lipstick. Other than the lips, I only used foundation, and mascara :)


Samantha said...

I became addicted to using brown eyeliner. There is this really amazing eyeliner it isn't brand expensive or anything but they match colors with your eyes. I have green/blue eyes and I reallly love the brown the brand is Almay intense i-color with light interplay technology. It has the nicest color and just works out soooo well I love it so much! I used to use black all the time and it just didn't make my face look fresh and youthful it made it heavier and when I made the switch I noticed how much more my eyes stood out and how natural it looked for day time makeup. I still love black eyeliner for night time but I am really getting used to the brown.

Tirin said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out! I use brown eyeliner a lot more than black too. But mine is a cheap one from H&M ;) so maybe Almay has something better to offer, hehe