Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tirin today

Faktiskt Tirin igår, innan vi åkte iväg till Mads pappas födelsedagsfest. Bilder på sminkningen kommer sen. Jag använde en ny mascara som jag faktiskt tycker riktigt mycket om! Skriver en recension om den sen också :)

Well actually Tirin yesterday, before we went to Mads' dad's bday party. I will post pictures of my makeup later as well. I tried a new mascara that I actually really like! Therefore, I will write a short review. ;)


Eliva Hellena said...

Wow, the last time I checked your profile, you were still heavily into Gyaru with tons of make up, bronzer and extensions. I am amazed at how beautiful you are naturally. Keep it up!

Tirin said...

Haha yeah the gyaru style sort of faded away since it takes so much time and money... Aww thank you! :)