Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shopping day!

I'm too tired to write in both Swedish and English, so I'll do only English today.

Mads and I went all over the city looking for a dress for me to wear at the wedding on Saturday; all because stupid hasn't sent me my stuff (that I ordered almost a month ago!!)! So annoying...

I ended up buying a strapless dress from H&M that was on sale, lol. I also bought a small bag to go with it. Going to try the whole outfit on Friday... Mads mom kept the dress to wash it before I use it, hah. :) The dress is not at all as pretty as the one I ordered, but what the hell. It will do!

The dress was only 100 DKK on sale! Super cheap! The bag was 80 DKK, but it was the last one and there was a small scratch on it, so I got it for 60 DKK. Mads mom will even try to fix it and get rid of the scratch. ;)

Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures of the items, but I'll show you on Friday... And I will definitely take photos at the wedding anyway!

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