Friday, September 7, 2012

Bunny babies!

Today I noticed a big pile of fur in Charlies nest. I also noticed that she got her appetite back yesterday, so I decided to look for babies - and I found eight of them! So adorable! They're all about the same size:

Here they are in the nest:

They are born naked and blind, unlike hares and wild bunnies, which are born with fur and everything. These cuties will be fury when they are about one week old! 

Two of them are dark (one is in the first photo), at least two have broken pattern/are "broken colored", and the rest seem to be white or some other light color. I'm excited to see them grow up! ^^ And I'm very glad Charlie did such a great job giving birth to a big litter like that!

Charlie har fött åtta ungar och alla verkar friska och fina! De är alla ungefär samma storlek, vilket är bra, så ingen blir utstött och inte får tillräckligt med mat. Det verkar vara två mörka, minst två brokade och resten är enfärgade vita eller annan ljus färg. Jag längtar tills de kan hoppa ut ur boet och leka ^^



Anonymous said...

rynkiga snoppar hahahahahahhahaha

Tirin said...

Men freaksnoppar du har sett då!! xD