Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Danish wedding

I will take this in English... So Mads and I went to his best friend's wedding yesterday. The ceremony started in a church (a very plain church in comparison to what I'm used to in Sweden). What I found weird was that there were chairs at the altar; apparantly the bride and groom was going to sit down while the priest was talking! Oh, btw, Mads was the bestman. :)

After the ceremony, the couple went away in a white limo, and the rest of us walked to the place where we were going to eat and socialize. It was so cold! Bad weather for a wedding, unfortunately...

The tables were very nicely decorated, as you can see by Mads' thumbs up!

'Ello handsome. Mads and his best friend Steffen, all dressed up.

Of course I had to be in a picture as well. Nevermind I'm wearing flats, I didn't want to wear my awesome high heels after the ceremony, they killed my feet. Plus they made me so tall! 

Finally, after some time waiting, the bride and groom arrived! 

Bride Christina and groom Anders. :)
I feel bad for Christina having to wear such a dress in the cold weather!

Now let's just forward and talk about the wedding cake! 
Yummy! It was filled with raspberry mousse and chocolate mousse! 

Pretty, huh? :)

There was some present opening too, but let's skip that part since it wasn't very exciting. Now to the dance! The newlyweds danced, and people circled around them, getting closer and closer. And then suddenly a group of guys grabbed the groom and lifted him up. They took off his shoe and cut off half of his sock! They also cut his tie off. Apparantly that's a weird tradition, lol!

We went home at around 20 to 1, but weren't actually at home until like 02:30... stupid Copenhagen busses. Anyhow, let's end this post with another photo of the best looking couple at the wedding:

Just kidding!
... or am I?

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Anonymous said...

Fina Tildiga! En kul erfarenhet med ett danskt bröllop!