Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Cavapom

Mads and I want a puppy when we move into a house, and bladida. He wants a Cavalier spaniel (King Charles), and I want a Pomeranian... So to make both of us happy, I found the perfect breed for us:

A Cavapom (Cavalier pomeranian)!

They vary a lot in appearance, because the two breeds look so different, but mostly, they look like a Cavalier, but much cuter! Ah, I'm in love! Not sure where you can buy one though... But ahhh... 


Anonymous said...

What do you even do on your days? I haven't heard anything about studies or work :o Just wondering! :)

Anonymous said...

Any of the breeders will most likely fly over a puppy if you want it. But you will have to pay for the puppy to get flown over. Good luck!