Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guide to: Dresses for a wedding

Mads and I are going to a wedding in September, when one of his best friends is getting married. :) I'm in great need of a pretty maxi dress to wear at the ceremony! I have found two favorites:

These two dresses are from Nelly. I will probably wear the one to the right for the wedding in September. I love pink, and while it's feminine, it's still sophisticated.
Here's a basic guide for all of you who do not know what to wear for a wedding:

Obviously, the bride is wearing white, so avoid white dresses. Avoid blacks and grays, you're going to a wedding, not a funeral. While you want a colorful dress, you don't want to look like you're going to a festival in Rio. Pastel colors and very light colors are perfect! Light blue, green, pink, purple... you decide :) Choose a color that goes well with your skintone and hair color, but also a color you feel comfortable in. If you for some reason want to wear a dark color, I would suggest a dark blue.

You don' want to look like you're going to a night club, so choose a dress that doesn't end right below your butt. I prefer maxi-dresses at events like weddings. It's sophisticated and feminine. If you want a shorter dress, choose one that ends below, or right above your knees.

As for cleavage, no showing off your boobs! Keep it classy, girls!

See-through or sequin dresses are probably not the best choice, since you're not supposed to steal everyone's attention or look like you belong somewhere else. You should probably wear a pretty light material, while not looking over dressed. It's OK if the dress has some bling on it, as long as it's not too much. Key words: Tone it down! 

Don't wear too much bling, you don't want to compete with the bride! She should be the centre of attention. You can wear as much jewellry as you want, but tone it down. A sunhat is always nice at a daytime wedding outdoors! 

While high heels will always be my favorite, ballerinas and other kinds of flat shoes are fine. Sandals are OK at daytime weddings, if the sandals are a bit more "expensive" looking. You don't want to look like you're going to the beach. 

  • Maxi/midi dress
  • Light colors
  • No deep cleavage!
  • No see-through or full sequin
  • Tone down bling
  • No sloppy shoes

Remember, even if the wedding is casual, you want to show respect for the couple and their love. 

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