Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ett skepp kommer lastat - med sushi

Yesterday, we went to a bday dinner to celebrate Mads' sister! I had sushi for the first time ever (I haven't had it because I don't eat seafood or raw meat, lol), it was actually pretty good! I had it with chicken and cucumber. :) It was served in the coolest way, like this:

On a shushi ship! ^^

Moreover, I want to complain about the ridiculoucly cheap makeup store feelunique.com. I ordered a few things from there, since I'm running out of makeup, and right after I paid for it, when I got the confirmation e-mail, I realized I had forgotten to change my address from the Swedish one to the one in Denmark! So I e-mailed them and told them about this mistake. It took them f*cking four days to reply!! And they replied that it was already shipped away to Sweden. WTF? 

It clearly said in the confirmation e-mail to contact them if there was something wrong with the order, and so I did, they just didn't care enough to read it. Talk about bad service! I mean, what if there was a mistake made by them? It will take some good convincing in order for me to shop there again. 

I also have to convince my mom to send me the stuff she will be recieving.


Don't forget my birthday on Thursday! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Sushin ser jättegod och dessutom vacker ut! Lyckost dig!