Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Definition of natural makeup

I was looking at a photo with "before and after"-pictures. The before-photo was of this person with extreme makeup, and the after-photo was a "natural" look. Wait, what?

I thought natural looking makeup was just a bit of light foundation and some mascara (maybe a bit of lipgloss too)? In this picture, this girl was wearing circle lenses, false lashes, rouge, what looks like lipstick, and had contoured her face. The eyebrows looks drawn on too.

Here's some "heavy makeup" for you!

I don't have anything against this person at all, she seems like a great girl, and she's very nice! :) but I'm just curious how that makeup can be a "natural" look for some people! I've been told I wear a lot of makeup when I only have foundation, mascara and lipstick on! It makes no sense to me! Obviously it's a more natural look for her, if she's used to heavy makeup, but the keyword is MORE. It's not natural, just more natural than the other style.

Ok, that's all! I got a huge cage for Charlie yesterday! She's enjoying it, and hopefully the future babies will too! No idea when they will come, but within 30 days or so.

I'm actually looking forward to it! 



Söt du är!

Anonymous said...

I-lands-problems min Tildiga!

Arina at Natural Skin Care said...

Well, beauty is all in the eye of the beholder.

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