Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bday presents

I got a nice bday present from Mads' family! It's a gift certificate to a makeup and beauty store called Matas, and I also got a nail file... Seems like Mads has told his mom that my nails are a bit discolored from too much nail polish use. LOL.

Also got free samples ;) hehehe

I'll show you the rest of the presents when I receive them. I got two beautiful dresses from Mads (we ordered them today, together), and I also bought myself a few clothing items on sale with the money I got from my family/aunt. Should be here in 2-6 working days, so next week! Awesomeness!

Tonight we're going to have something nice to eat as well. I'm going to find something pretty to wear, we're heading out for a while. I'll try to take some photos! 

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