Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's talk about Byron Bay Treads!

Think Australian fashion, because today I'm going to tell you about an Australian fashion store called Byron Bay Threads. They offer over 700 lines of clothes for the whole family! Not only can you find beautiful clothes from different brands, but Byron Bay Threads also offers free shipping worldwide!

SHILLA Blue Lace And Rayon Mix DressSHILLA Door Floral Bodycon Dress

I for one, love these dresses, among other pretty clothing items you can find in their webshop, which is also very easy to navigate. You can pick a specific brand, cathegory, and even price range you want to shop in. Check out this video!

Those of you who like to read about clothes online, will love to know that Byron Bay Threads has a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, and a blog account! You will find them, and much more on their website: Byron Bay threads - Australian fashion. BYRONBAYTHREADSONLINE.COM

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Anonymous said...

love the dresses! cute blog btw :)