Thursday, July 12, 2012


Sorry for not blogging, and not blogging about fashion or fun stuff like that ;) Things are just so hectic atm. Yesterday, I found my bunny Charlie creating a nest on the balcony. She was ripping fur off herself, to put in the nest. It looks like this:

I was wondering, is she pregnant? Does she just think she's having babies (some bunnies think they're having babies so they build a nest and everthing but never give birth)? I decided to, with help from Mads, check Willow to see if she's really a girl, like the breeder guaranteed. This is what it looked like:

I was shocked: "Wtf is that? It looks like her intestine!"
It turned out to be one of her balls. 
Yes, Willow is a boy.

Now he needs to be neutered, or else he can't live with Charlie anymore. I will need to get him an indoors cage, pay for the castration, and he has to live in that cage for 4-6 weeks before he can meet Charlie again. If Charlie's having babies, they can't be sold until they are 8 weeks old. I seriously hope that, if she gets babies, they are all female - you have to separate the males or they will fight/kill each other. Therefore, females are also easier to sell. 

Clumsy me, not checking Willow's sex earlier, but they do drop their balls around 3 months of age, and she is about 90% fluff, so yeah... ._.

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Anonymous said...

That is so sweet is there anything you can put in the cage to help her create the nest? And are you going to keep any of the babies? Maybe you can keep them together and become a floppy eared bunny breeder that would be cool. And then you can keep them together so Charlie wont be lonely?