Monday, July 30, 2012


Today I decided to camwhore a bit with my iPhone! I did my makeup with falsies and everything, finally! As for the hair, I straightened it for about 2 min, so it's not very straight, but wavy.

There's a thunderstorm out now! Hope you're all having better weather...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Like Lovelipop on Facebook!

Hi everyone! How are you this wonderful day? ^^ I just want to let you know that we, Lovelipop gyarusa, have our of fan-page on Facebook! I know I'm usually not very active in the "gyaru world", but I still love the style, and there are some amazing gals in our cir! Feel free to like us, or just check out the page!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Carbon drawings

Oh my god! It's been almost a week since I last blogged! I blame it on the weather, it feels like a desert here.  Either way, I have been very creative lately, and I am now drawing portraits for money :) I'm on my second order now and I have a few else after this one. Also, I have been drawing just for fun. I have recently discovered the awesome technique of carbon drawing! I need to work on it a bit more though ;)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Song of the day

My friend Lina showed this music video to me. You have to watch it because it's awesome!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Minimal makeup

I just realized something... Sometimes when you hear yourself sing you go "wtf is this shit!", but it doesn't happen when you sing in Spanish! Maybe because it's such a beautful language, it makes even the worst singing voice better ;) So.... anyone wanna start a band? lol

July 20th

Our petshop is closing, so there's a big sale! I decided to buy a big food bowl for Charlie and the future babies! It says "kanin" (= bunny) on it and has carrots painted on the sides! Also, it's too heavy for them to move, unlike Willow's food bowl, which he sometimes throws down the stairs, lol.

It seems like the sun has finally found its way back! It hasn't been much of a summer this year. Hopefully the weather will be awesome next month when it's my 21st bday! Holy shit, I'm getting old! Oh, today it's my best friend Lina's 21st bday! BIG HAPPY BDAY TO YOU! ♥ Too bad I can't celebrate it with you!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Same old same old...

I finally got Charlie's enclosure today, so now she can run freely around there, without Willow trying to breed with her, lol. She's become very sweet to me though (well except the fact that she bit my toe today!!), she even came when I called for her this morning. :)

Other than that, it's a pretty boring day, it's cloudy and too many dishes to wash. Mads mom came over and she wanted to see all the animals. Speaking of animals, we might buy a terrarium rack! Haha our living room is gonna be so crowded...

Oh well, I decided to do my makeup anyway, here's a picture taken with my iPhone!

I might blog later, I have a few things I want to write about! Some ranting and other stuff.. Until then, take care! ^^

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sommarsnyggt från Bubbleroom

Sommarsnyggt från Bubbleroom! För alla oss skandinavier tänkte jag tipsa om den stora webbutiken Bubbleroom! De har över 1000 olika klänningar och många andra klädesplagg, accessoarer och skor! T.ex. kan du fynda sommarens hetaste badkläder, eller ursnygga skor lagom till kräftskivan! Spana t.ex. in dessa snyggingar:

Have2have Heels, Noor Leopard Bubbleroom.seHave2have Pumps, Luna guld
Bubbleroom erbjuder nya produkter varje dag, 14 dagars returrätt och har blivit utnämnd till Sveriges bästa butik. Med snabb leverans kan du fynda massa snygga kläder innan semestern tar slut. Kanske kan du hitta en snygg outfit inför skolfotograferingen, eller första dagen på jobbet? Make a statement!

Mina favoriter är såklart alla snygga klackskor (jag som är skogalen), men på Bubbleroom finns också massa snygga klänningar som jag gärna hade köpt om plånboken tillät det. Det var extremt nära att min nyårsklänning kom från Bubbleroom, men det blev till slut en annan. Nästa nyår dock, då kanske det blir därifrån! De har ju bara för snygga kläder! Spana in dem, för guds skull!

Let's talk about Byron Bay Treads!

Think Australian fashion, because today I'm going to tell you about an Australian fashion store called Byron Bay Threads. They offer over 700 lines of clothes for the whole family! Not only can you find beautiful clothes from different brands, but Byron Bay Threads also offers free shipping worldwide!

SHILLA Blue Lace And Rayon Mix DressSHILLA Door Floral Bodycon Dress

I for one, love these dresses, among other pretty clothing items you can find in their webshop, which is also very easy to navigate. You can pick a specific brand, cathegory, and even price range you want to shop in. Check out this video!

Those of you who like to read about clothes online, will love to know that Byron Bay Threads has a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, and a blog account! You will find them, and much more on their website: Byron Bay threads - Australian fashion. BYRONBAYTHREADSONLINE.COM

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Mads and I went to his family's summer house yesterday to celebrate his mom's bday! We had good food, and today we played badminton, football and kubb. :) Also, we had a nice surprise today:

This is a hognose baby!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Beautiful eyelahes

Let me show you our new, always smiling pets, guaranteed to make you go "naww!" or "look at those lashes"! Yes, these beautiful creatures have eyelashes that could make even the biggest makeup fanatic green of envy!

Meet the Crested geckos!

Told you, these eyelashes are naturally long!

Always smiling for the camera

Al look how tiny they are!

They can climb on glass, and they can jump, like really jump! You have to be careful so they don't jump off your hands, or you'll probably never find them again. Besides all this awesomeness, the best think about them, in my opinion, is that they rarely eat insects! Instead, they eat something called Crested gecko diet, which is a powder that you mix with water. Great, huh? At least for those of us with a phobia of insects...

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Sorry for not blogging, and not blogging about fashion or fun stuff like that ;) Things are just so hectic atm. Yesterday, I found my bunny Charlie creating a nest on the balcony. She was ripping fur off herself, to put in the nest. It looks like this:

I was wondering, is she pregnant? Does she just think she's having babies (some bunnies think they're having babies so they build a nest and everthing but never give birth)? I decided to, with help from Mads, check Willow to see if she's really a girl, like the breeder guaranteed. This is what it looked like:

I was shocked: "Wtf is that? It looks like her intestine!"
It turned out to be one of her balls. 
Yes, Willow is a boy.

Now he needs to be neutered, or else he can't live with Charlie anymore. I will need to get him an indoors cage, pay for the castration, and he has to live in that cage for 4-6 weeks before he can meet Charlie again. If Charlie's having babies, they can't be sold until they are 8 weeks old. I seriously hope that, if she gets babies, they are all female - you have to separate the males or they will fight/kill each other. Therefore, females are also easier to sell. 

Clumsy me, not checking Willow's sex earlier, but they do drop their balls around 3 months of age, and she is about 90% fluff, so yeah... ._.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chatting on facebook when this happens...

Aren't they just amazing? :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

No inspiration...


I have no inspiration to blog... Or maybe today's just not a good day. Going to look at some fabulous fashion photos to feel better. I need more glam in my life ;)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Today's plans...

"Old" photos...

The weather is kind of bad today, so I'm going to clean the rabbit cage! Impossible to do when the sun is shining - way too hot! ;) Then I'm going to be a good girl and wash the dishes. Hopefully, Mads and I are having a nice romantic dinner tonight. 

Idag är det mulet, så jag ska rengöra kaninburen, vilket är i princip omöjligt att göra när solen skiner... såvida man inte vill svettas ihjäl! Sen ska jag vara duktig och diska. Förhoppningsvis ska Mads och jag ha en fin romantisk middag ikväll. :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012