Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yummy dinner

Yesterday, Mads and I went to dinner with his boss and his boss' wife at a really expensive restaurant. I'm not sure how people get full from eating such tiny portions! lol We had a good time though.

Speaking of good times and good food, here's from when Mads and I celebrated our first anniversary!

We made awesome chicken filled with mozarella and sundried tomatoes, spicy fries, and a delicious salad! Ignore the reptile racks in the background ;)

Bilden är från Mads och min 1års-dag (eller ja, vi firade lite i efterskott eftersom jag var i Sverige den 10:e) då vi lagade jättegod kyckling fylld med mozarella och soltorkade tomater, kryddiga pommes frites och en mumsig sallad, hihi.

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