Friday, June 29, 2012


Goddamn, I need to blog more! Anyhow, Mads and I went to Annas graduation celebration yesterday, so I'm extremely tired today, plus I have a cold. Awesome!

Here's a photo of my adorable fluffy little Willow! Apparantly she thinks it's super comfy to sleep in the toilet... Weird bunny :3

Söta Willow tar en tupplur i toaletten - mysigt!

We might have a snake baby hatching today! And any day now, two gecko babies will hatch! :) We are also going to breed two geckos today, so we'll have more babies in a few months, hehe. For those of you interested, check out my reptile blog for more information:

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Anonymous said...

Awh Willow is so adorable I know that there are sometimes huts or things that they like to sleep in or up against to feel warm. Sometimes they even have hammocks for bunnies too which is super cute!!