Monday, June 18, 2012

Eat your way to health with LCHF

My mom forced me to watch a long documentary about LCHF (Low Carb High Fat), and I though I would do something with what I learned, so I'm going to share it with you. :)

For those of you who don't know what LCHF is, it's a Swedish diet where you skip all carbs (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.) and eat a lot of high fat food, like high fat milk, cheese, cream, eggs etc. Why? Because carbs turn into sugar in your body, which will make you gain weight and affect your heart and cause vascular disorders, while there are no known disadvantages to eat high fat products.

Take this for example:
This picture shows the consumption of butter in Sweden from 1985 (which is when the fear of high fat producs started, and people ate a lot of carbs and fruit, etc.) to 2008, just a few years after people started eating high fat products again. The blue line shows the percentage of overweight people. Coincidence?

Not only does this diet make you lose a lot of weight, LCHF is also said to help, sometimes even cure, people with diabetes and epilepsy.

Denmark, the only country I know of with fat taxes, should learn from us Swedes. ;) "Despite half a century of research there is still no evidence that natural saturated fat (like butter, eggs etc.) is anything but completely safe to eat." - From And here are some other quotes to support this.

Insufficient evidence of association is present for intake of … saturated or polyunsaturated fatty acids; total fat … meat, eggs and milk.
no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD.

Read more about this here, where you find all reseach supporting the LCHF diet.

You can find many cook books, even with desserts, LCHF-style.

Why is LCHF good? Like I said before, carbs turn into sugar in your stomach, which causes bad cholesterol (there's good cholesterol too, which is in high fat products) levels to rise. Your blood sugar rises to the roof and then sinks just as quickly, making you tired and hungry again. Whereas with LCHF, your blood sugar levels stay the same, and you won't get hungry as quickly.

So then, what can you eat? The answer is: fish, chicken, meat, vegetables, cheese, eggs, and other high fat products such as milk, whip cream, butter etc. You should avoid carbs (obviously) and food containing a high amount of sugar, such as candy, cookies, and fruit. - Yes, fruit does contain vitamins and other healthy things, but it also contains a lot of sugar, and therefore it's better to eat vegetables than fruit.

I am way too lazy to write about it all, but you can read more about it here:

To be competely honest, I do not follow the LCHF diet myself, but I might cut down a bit on carbs. And when I get older, I will probably stop eating carbs completely, to lower the risk of diseases. My mother and sister follow the diet though. Now, my mom must be proud of me for blogging about this! :D


Kimmeh Kup said...

I'm doing at the Moment the Low Carb Diet to lost a few pounds till holiday.
I wonder if it will work :3

Anonymous said...

I don't need to diet personally, but I did not know Denmark had a fat tax! I think that is something that should be implemented where I am, but I know many people would be all up in arms against it.

Tirin said...

Fat tax is the most stupid idea ever! You don't get fat from eating fat! You get fat from eating CARBS and SUGAR. Fat can have the opposite effect, making you healthier and lose weight.:)

frida said...

LCHF är inte så nyttigt som vissa vill att det ska framstå som.
Finns dem som fått hälsoproblem av det. Jag mådde skit när jag försökte äta det (och det är ingen diet).
Och vet fler som inte mådde alls bra på det.

Tirin said...

frida: Ärligt talat så tror jag inte att det är onyttigt, vi är skapade av naturen att leva på sån diet. Alla kanske inte mår bra av det i början, men det är för att kroppen är van vid annat. Var har du bevis på folk som har blivit sjuka av det? Skulle gärna vilja läsa det :)

Diet menas med vad man äter och då man inte äter allt möjligt när man följer LCHF så jag skulle kalla det diet :)

Anonymous said...

Tildiga, jag kallar det för en kost! Diet låter som något tillfälligt, en quickfix, men en kost låter som något långsiktigt!