Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yummy dinner

Yesterday, Mads and I went to dinner with his boss and his boss' wife at a really expensive restaurant. I'm not sure how people get full from eating such tiny portions! lol We had a good time though.

Speaking of good times and good food, here's from when Mads and I celebrated our first anniversary!

We made awesome chicken filled with mozarella and sundried tomatoes, spicy fries, and a delicious salad! Ignore the reptile racks in the background ;)

Bilden är från Mads och min 1års-dag (eller ja, vi firade lite i efterskott eftersom jag var i Sverige den 10:e) då vi lagade jättegod kyckling fylld med mozarella och soltorkade tomater, kryddiga pommes frites och en mumsig sallad, hihi.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Goddamn, I need to blog more! Anyhow, Mads and I went to Annas graduation celebration yesterday, so I'm extremely tired today, plus I have a cold. Awesome!

Here's a photo of my adorable fluffy little Willow! Apparantly she thinks it's super comfy to sleep in the toilet... Weird bunny :3

Söta Willow tar en tupplur i toaletten - mysigt!

We might have a snake baby hatching today! And any day now, two gecko babies will hatch! :) We are also going to breed two geckos today, so we'll have more babies in a few months, hehe. For those of you interested, check out my reptile blog for more information:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blogging from Galaxy tab

Just testing it! Hopefully you are able to see the awesome zombie picture I added :)

Galaxy tab

I got a Samsung galaxy tab from Mads (too bad I didn't get it before I went to Sweden and had to spend 5h on a train). :) Now all I need to do is find a cute pink background and make it more Tilde-like!

Btw, Mads found a fake blood pill and thought it would be fun to pretend to smash his face in to a door and watch me panic over all the blood. Such a wonderful boyfriend I have... :P

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My handbag design

Bag design competition at Nelly! Please vote for my design by clicking here, and at "Rösta"! :D

Rösta gärna på mitt bidrag i Nellys väskdesigntävling! Klicka här.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer adventure

Today I went out in the sunny weather (after daaays of rain) with Lina! We went to look at animals at a place with 100+ years old houses. Of course I had the pose in the telephone booth with no phone. Btw, I wasn't wearing any makeup at all. ><

I took close-up pictures of the animals, but the best ones was a picture of a cow, and a lamb.

Jag och L var på Vallby friluftsmuseum idag. Vi tog såklart kort på alla söta djur! Sen posade jag i telefonbåset utan telefon. ;) Helt osminkad, woohooo!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Eat your way to health with LCHF

My mom forced me to watch a long documentary about LCHF (Low Carb High Fat), and I though I would do something with what I learned, so I'm going to share it with you. :)

For those of you who don't know what LCHF is, it's a Swedish diet where you skip all carbs (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.) and eat a lot of high fat food, like high fat milk, cheese, cream, eggs etc. Why? Because carbs turn into sugar in your body, which will make you gain weight and affect your heart and cause vascular disorders, while there are no known disadvantages to eat high fat products.

Take this for example:
This picture shows the consumption of butter in Sweden from 1985 (which is when the fear of high fat producs started, and people ate a lot of carbs and fruit, etc.) to 2008, just a few years after people started eating high fat products again. The blue line shows the percentage of overweight people. Coincidence?

Not only does this diet make you lose a lot of weight, LCHF is also said to help, sometimes even cure, people with diabetes and epilepsy.

Denmark, the only country I know of with fat taxes, should learn from us Swedes. ;) "Despite half a century of research there is still no evidence that natural saturated fat (like butter, eggs etc.) is anything but completely safe to eat." - From And here are some other quotes to support this.

Insufficient evidence of association is present for intake of … saturated or polyunsaturated fatty acids; total fat … meat, eggs and milk.
no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD.

Read more about this here, where you find all reseach supporting the LCHF diet.

You can find many cook books, even with desserts, LCHF-style.

Why is LCHF good? Like I said before, carbs turn into sugar in your stomach, which causes bad cholesterol (there's good cholesterol too, which is in high fat products) levels to rise. Your blood sugar rises to the roof and then sinks just as quickly, making you tired and hungry again. Whereas with LCHF, your blood sugar levels stay the same, and you won't get hungry as quickly.

So then, what can you eat? The answer is: fish, chicken, meat, vegetables, cheese, eggs, and other high fat products such as milk, whip cream, butter etc. You should avoid carbs (obviously) and food containing a high amount of sugar, such as candy, cookies, and fruit. - Yes, fruit does contain vitamins and other healthy things, but it also contains a lot of sugar, and therefore it's better to eat vegetables than fruit.

I am way too lazy to write about it all, but you can read more about it here:

To be competely honest, I do not follow the LCHF diet myself, but I might cut down a bit on carbs. And when I get older, I will probably stop eating carbs completely, to lower the risk of diseases. My mother and sister follow the diet though. Now, my mom must be proud of me for blogging about this! :D

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tirin today

Yesterday I found out that my broken laptop couldn't be fixed, to today I bought a new one! And since this one has a webcam (unlike my brother's school laptop which I have used for the past week), I decided to camwhore! I miss my long(er) hair sooo much! :( Oh well, it'll grow...

Dagens egobilder, nu när jag äntligen har ny dator och webcam, lol. Dagens smink består av mascara och rött läppstift + läppglans - aldrig fel! Klassiskt och snyggt :)


I love how haters read a blog and write a comment about how you are nothing. Well, miss/mister hater, you're still reading the blog, so that must mean you're less than nothing. ;)

Manga = illegal?

Today I'm going to write about something other than my life and fashion/makeup. A manga translater was arrested in Sweden for possession of child pornography, for having manga with half naked/naked young girls. He was later freed because the jury didn't think the pictures were realistic enough.

Some say the pictures are an insult to all children, while others say that you should be able to have any sexual fantasies you want, because, well they are just that - fantasies. What do you think? Should you be able to have child pornography at home, simply because it's fictional?

Lolicon = Lolita Complex.
The phrase is a reference to Vladimir Nabokov's book Lolita, in which a middle-aged man becomes sexually obsessed with a twelve-year-old girl. It was first used in Japan in the 1970s and quickly became used to describe erotic dojinshi (amateur comics) portrayals of young girls. In the 1980s, lolicon manga became widely available in a number of anthology pornographic manga magazines.


Ni kanske har läst om mangaöversättaren Simon Lundström som anmäldes för innehav av barnpornografi? Han hade mangateckningar föreställande halvnaka/naka unga flickor, men högsta domstolen ansåg att bilderna inte var realistiska nog, så han friades. Tycker ni att detta var rätt?

Vissa anser att bilderna är en kränkning mot alla barn, medan andra tycker att man ska få ha vilka sexuella fantasier man vill, för det är ju bara fantasier. Vad är er åsikt?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Origami bow

Today I decided to try making an origami bow! Always liked origami, it's very relaxing, almost like therapy (for what, I don't know, lol). Anyhow, I didn't have any origami paper, but this is how it turned out:

Titta på den fina origamirosetten jag gjorde! Brukade vika massa tranor och liknande när jag var yngre, men jag gillar fortfarande origami. Det är avslappnande - och fint! Jättebra om man ska skriva inbjudningskort eller grattiskort! :) Vill ni lära er hur man viker en sån här rosett, eller massa andra olika origami, kika in på den här hemsidan! Där finns massa inspiration och hjälp! ^^

Check out this website, filled with tutorials on how to make different kinds of origami, the bow included.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ego pic :)

Today I went to Eskilstuna (lame city nearby) with my sister and walked around there all day. On my way back home I met my high school Latin teacher! He's so silly, made the school trip to Rome just a bit more fun, lol. Anyhow, here's an ego pic:

Idag var jag med syster i Eskilstuna och vandrade runt! På stationen hemma i Västerås stötte jag på min gamla latinlärare! Han är så tokig, lol. Bilden är från igår när jag stanade med Lina. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My poor laptop...

Since my laptop broke, I don't have any photos to post, which really sucks... but I will try to fix that as soon as possible! Until then, have a nice evening and I will probably blog tomorrow :) Goodnight!

Eftersom min laptop gick sönder har jag inga bilder att lägga upp... men jag ska försöka fixa det så snart som möjligt! Tills vidare får ni ha en trevlig kväll och så bloggar jag igen imorgon. Godnatt!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Brother's graduation

My brother graduated from high school today! We've been celebrating him all day (mostly without him since right now he's at a gratuation party aka a night club). Anyhow, Here are some photos!

Vi firade min lillebrors student idag - stort grattis Eric!! Vi har firat honom i princip hela dagen, fast mestadels utan honom då han är på studentfesten just nu. 

 Giving stuffed animals and champagne to the graduate!
 Handsome brother is happy
Close-up on his adorable baby photo!

Cousin and brother
My pretty sister and me!

Bad news is... my laptop broke!!! I have to either get it fixed or buy a new one... We shall see which the cheapest option is! It sucks though! I loved it :(

Min laptop gick sönder! Så jag sitter vid en stationär dator just nu... Ska antingen köpa en ny eller få den lagad, beroende på vilket som är billigast. Men det är så sämst!! Min stackars dator... :(

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back in Sweden

Hej hej! I'm in Sweden now! I met my two best friends today, Z and L (and Z's adorable little baby)! It's nice to meet them, and my family again! :) We are preparing for my little brother Eric's graduation tomorrow! I will make sure to take lots of photos and eat lots of delicious food! mwahaha

Jag är i Sverige nu! Träffade mina två bästa vänner Z och L idag (och Zs lilla söta bäbis)! Så kul att träffa dem och min familj igen! Vi håller just nu på att förbereda inför lillebror Erics student imorgon! Jag ska ta massa kort och äta massa god mat! Blir super ;)

As Z predicted, here are the photos of today! Me and my pretty ladies ^^ (I look like a freakin' giant!)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Help with iPhone cases?

I'm finally getting (read "buying") an iPhone, and I'm looking at iPhone cases now, because well.. I can't have an undecorated phone! I'm getting a white one, so I want a case that matches it. I just can't make up my mind, so I need your help to decide!

Jag ska äntligen köpa en iPhone (en vit sådan) och kollar just nu på skal. Jag måste ha skal till mina mobiler, de måste vara dekorerade! Jag älskar sånt! hihi Därför behöver jag er hjälp att bestämma vilket jag ska ha!

1. Cath Kidston
Dubbelskal Cath Kidston iPhone 4/4S ros
I'm in love with this one! I love floral things, plus there are pink flowers! 
Jag älskar blommigt, plus att det är rosa blommor också!

2. Rilakkuma
Designerskal iPhone 4
Rilakkuma is so adorable! Makes me happy! ^^
Rilakkuma är så söt och gör mig glad!

3. Pink bling/Rosa stenar
Skal iPhone 4 Strassbeströdd rosa
I love pink. I love bling.
Jag älskar rosa. Jag älskar bling.

4. White bling/Vita stenar
Bling Bling Skal iPhone 4 vit
Maybe white bling looks more "classy"?
Är vitt bling mer "klassiskt" liksom?

I'm not getting these, but they are adorable! Two years ago I soo would have bought them:
Jag ska inte köpa dessa, men de här Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma-skalen är ju bara för söta:

Rilakkumma Skal iPhone 4/4S Björn BeigeRilakkumma iPhone 4/4s brun björn

All cases are from/Alla skal är från:

Monday, June 4, 2012

New clothes!

Here are some of the clothes I got from Mads' mom! 
The beige thing in the bottom is a crochet vest (- perfect with summer dresses).

Details; adorable sandals

Details: Fendi bag (- super pretty with blue pumps)!

Dresses and a Claudio Ferrici bag

I'm packing my bags now since I'm going to Sweden on Wednesday! Need to think it through though since I need to bring bunny stuff too! And also be able to bring back things from Sweden... :)

Håller på att packa väskorna inför Sverige! Jag åker nu på onsdag och måste se till att planera packningen lite, eftersom jag måste ta med kaninsaker också! Sen vill jag gärna kunna ta med grejer från Sverige :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Still frames

From the Lovelipop video! Although I edited the contrast because it was so low in the video. 

I'm going to take photos of the leopard gecko babies, and then I can photograph all the clothes I talked about yesterday! Hope the weather will be better so I can use those adorable sandals, hehe. ^^

Jag glömmer alltid att skriva till den svenska texten! >< I alla fall så ska jag snart ta kort på alla mina nya kläder och visa er hur snäll Mads mamma är. Bilderna är stillbilder från Lovelipopvideon jag gjorde. :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Making video for Lovelipop

Today I filmed a video for Lovelipop gyarusa (more about that later!). Yes, I'm still a member even though I'm not active in the western gyaru communities much these days. This was my look for the day:
The top I'm wearing, I got from Mads' mom! I have the sweetest "mother-in-law" :) She gave me a lot of clothes, a pair of super cute sandals and a few purses - including a Fendi bag! I'll show you tomorrow. 

On Wednesday I'm leaving for Sweden! I'll be there a bit over two weeks. But I'll go there by train, because I'm bringing the bunnies... 5 goddamn hours on the train -.- Oh well, I'm sure it'll be worth it!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Annoyed: Fat vs Skinny


I get some extremely stupid comments on the Adele-post. I understand that all the butthurt fans need to get their frustration out, but come on! You can't seriously think that it's healthy to be overweight? Do you live behind a stone in the forest? Maybe on the moon? You should still be aware of the risks of obesity.

It's fine if you comment that you like heavy women better than skinny women, I don't care if you say you think Adele is prettier than I am, but for the love of God (saying that even as an atheist) it is not healthy to be fat! I have nothing against fat people, all I said in the post is that Adele is a hypocrite - which she is!!

I got the best comment so far just now... But I deleted it because it was stupid. Anyway, she wrote some questions because she wanted to proove that I'm "unhealthy": 1. Do you have sex outside your marriage? - First of all, how is this something unhealthy? I'm not even married so I don't understand what her point is. 2. Do you smoke? - No, I have never and will never touch a cigarette. 3. Marijuana perhaps? - Oh dear, you should hear the anti-drugs speaches I make! ;) 4. Do you have any tattoos? - No, I would rather get a face piercing than get a tattoo; and I would never get a face piercing (no offense to you who have piercings/tattoos, it's just not my style).

The only way I am unhealthy in, is that I love snacks such as ice cream, cookies, and chocolate.

And FYI, I have watched numerous documentaries about obesity and the fat-related diseases. I also know it's not healthy to be underweight. And honestly, what is considered the average body type these days was conisdered big 50 years ago! Stop having such complex and taking it out on me!

Be honest, which one looks the healthiest?

The most dangerous fat is the one on your tummy. It gathers around your organs. You might have a little bit of a tummy when you stand up, but when you lie down, you can see if your tummy fat is dangerous or not. The fat right under your skin is soft and will not be visible when lying down, while the dangerous kind is harder and makes your stomach big, even when lying on your back. From the floor to your stomach, should not measure more than 20 cm! If you measure more, you're at a great risk of fat-related diseases such as heart and vascular disorders, plus bad blood fats.

No, I'm not a doctor, but I'm very interested in this subject because it motivates me to stay in shape for the future. I do not want heart and vascular disorders, or diabetes, and I do not want to look like I do have them.

Heavy people who try to become healthier should get all the credit in the world! It must be very tough and you are real fighters! But the other ones, like the butthurt Adele fans, should learn something about obesity, and how dangerous it really is. 

I do not hate Adele or fat people (that would just be silly), I'm just stating facts. Being overweight is unhealthy. That's just how it is. Being anorectic is, of course, unhealthy too (deadly as well)! But being naturally skinny is not. Big boned, small boned, just make the best of it!

I miss my sun hat...

Hello! I'm finally feeling better from the food poisoning, but I don't want to take any risks, so I will relax today and only eat pancakes and toast. :3 Here's a webcam picture from last spring (love the hairstyle):

Idag känner jag mig äntligen bättre från matförgftningen, men jag vågar inte ta några risker, så jag ska bara äta pannkakor och toast! höhö. Detta är en webcambild från förra våren, förresten. 

Now, I should clean the bunny cage! But it's so windy outdoors :/
Borde städa kaninburen, men det är så blåsigt ute!! 

Last weekend

The whole food poisoning thing started the day after Mads and I went to his grandparents for a celebration (which was nice btw, and what we ate there didn't make us sick)! They served a whole pig!! It looked so gross, but tasted delicious ~ 

Matförgiftningen började dagen efter vi var hos Mads farföräldrar för att fira pingst (vilket var trevligt - och vi blev inte sjuka där, utan hemma dagen efter på kvällen, usch usch!)! De serverade en HEL GRIS! Det såg så ofräscht ut, men det var riktigt gott! Man kunde se dens tänder... :(

I made Mads hair pretty with flowers. :) His cousin in the background.