Saturday, April 21, 2012

The story about me

So, a lot of people visiting my blog don't really know me, and assume things (not always nice things). Therefore, I want to tell you more about me, my childhood and personality. Let's start from the beginning...

Sister, cousin, me

1991, August 30th - My birthday, although I was born 3 weeks late. I am the second child of three, born about 14 months after my sister, and 2 years and 2 months before my brother. Had to deal with the consequences of being a middle child.. But all in all I had a good childhood. :)

About 12 years old - This is when I had my fjortis-period. It's kinda when you try to act older than you are, but in a bad way. I started with makeup at this age, and pretty much "shared" friends with my sister, until my friends and I started hanging out with "older" boys, lol! I also dyed half my hair black, which I had to regret later when it became a weird brown color that faded more and more...

13-14 years old - Had the wrong friends all along, and found out the hard way. I don't regret anything, because I had some of the best years of my life with my ex-friends and our group of friends, but I'm glad it ended. I guess this is the period when I really found where my moral belief lies ;) Actually, I had very little confidence because of my ex-friends. Whenever someone told me I was pretty, I wasn't sure if they were joking or actually meant it... So sad! xD

14-15 years old - A lot happened during this time! I got a new best friend (Zlata), and experimented at lot with my style. I went from jrocker to "emo", to more of the style I have today. I think I re-dyed my dark hair black again at some point? Anyhow, I started getting more confidence now that I had new supportive friends!

16-18 years old - High school! Zlata and I had this period when we were desperate to leave Västerås and Sweden! We were convinced we didn't fit in and we didn't like the people at all! We always went for evening walks and talked about how awesome it would be to just get on a train and go where ever it would take us. Then we discovered the possibilites of being an exchange student! I was extremely close to becoming an exchange student in Japan - went on an interview and got accepted and everything! But I decided in the end to stay and graduate high school with my two best friends; Zlata and Lina. :) - And I did! I actually went to Japan too (and Italy), but on a school trip!

Today - These days I live in Denmark with my boyfriend Mads. I still keep in touch with Lina and Zlata (she has a baby girl now - super cute!!), and of course I visit Sweden every now and then. I have realized that my biggest passion in life (even more so than fashion and makeup) is animals - and still to travel, lol! At least I got to move abroad like I wanted in high school ;)


Anonymous said...

Tildiga, man måste ha folks tillstånd för att få lägga ut bilder på dem. Tänker på studentflaksbilden.Skriv på mejlen!

Tirin said...

Det är ju Ainis som tog bilden, för att jag är med på den, så nej behöver inget tillstånd! :P

Yumi said...

good to know! It's good to let people know the truth.

the same thing happened to me with my friends when i was 13 :( But I was glad to make new amazing friends when i moved!