Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kotakoti IS fake

I know I shouldn't continue blogging about Kotakoti, because I honestly don't care about her, but all the hardcore fans writing mean comments on my post about her (I obviously deleted those comments), I just have to write about this...

Dakota Rose/Kotakoti was recently(?) on Japanese TV. Now you can't possibly tell me that she doesn't use photoshop, that would be completely ridiculous! Compare her photoshopped pic to what she looks like on actual TV - they look nothing alike!:

Also, make sure to notice all the foundation on her lower lip.
Take that, obsessed fans!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating this warning blog. It really is a warning. According to this video that was filmed of herself... she seems to be (not only a fake but,) a lowlife, spoiled, uncaring person. Ugly.
See what I mean: I couldn't even watch it all because to me, she was ground breaking-obnoxious, ignorant and disappointing.

Heather said...

um... that's the most unflattering image of her in the entire episode. Did you even watch the whole thing? She looks pretty much exactly like she does in her videos in the rest of the footage. So... your picture comparison was really just you picking a "bad picture" of someone and putting it next to a good picture of the same person. I personally tend to only post flattering pictures of myself on Facebook, and my friends will post pictures they look good in, whether I look good in it or not. I'm sure there are both good and bad pictures of you as well. Honestly though, I think Dakota looks good in both; in the second picture she's just smiling a little which shows she has cheeks. What do you have against this girl?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this blog! :).
I'm happy that many people are now aware of the truth, but seriously I can't understand there's still so many people who are keeping kissing her ass( Like Heather up here).
I dont get it, Dakota Ostrenga is a disgusting human being who don't deserve support of anyone.

People should inform themselves :/

izzyp0o21 said...

Quesion....why has thee interview video suddenly bin copyrighted??? She even use to have it on her youtube and now its not there. Smh -____-