Monday, April 30, 2012

Willow the bunny!

Warning, picture heavy post!
I got my first bunny yesterday! She's going to be roomie with Charlie, and her name is Willow! She's a lionheaded bunny, and OMG she's adorable! Can't wait to teach her some tricks!

Jag fick min första kanin igår! Hon ska bli rumskamrat med Charlie och hon heter Willow (fick jättemånga namnförslag, men tyckte detta passade henne bäst). Hon är en lejonhuvad kanin och hon är sååå söt! Ska bli superkul att lära henne tricks!

 Willow in her (and Charlie's) cage! 

Sitting under a chair on the balcony

She's so tiny! 

She loves to eat dry leaves from the balcony floor, lol

Willow's tiny little moustache ;)

Getting sleepy from running around all morning, better take a nap under a table.

I'm so in love with her! We've been hanging out almost all day! She's so sweet and curious, and she licked ("groomed") my legs, which means she likes me. She's crazy about dried banana, so cute!

Älskar henne redan! Har umgåtts med henne nästan hela dagen, haha. Hon är så gullig och nyfiken - hon slickade på mina ben också, så hon verkar gilla mig! Hon gillar också torkad banan, så söt! ^^

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finally another ego pic

Today I took the first ego pic since I was in Sweden over easter! Couldn't be bothered styling my hair (which feels so short since I cut it!). Maybe I will let my bangs grow again... full bangs only looked awesome on me when the hairdresser styled them. :( We shall see!

Idag tog jag den första egobilden sen jag var i Sverige över påsk! Orkade inte fixa håret dock... Det känns så kort sen jag klippte det och luggen blir aldrig fin (hellugg var bara snyggt på mig när frisören stylade den, annars blir den så konstig, tyvärr). Därför kanske jag låter den växa :)

Can't wait 'til Saturday! Getting Charlie! AND another bunny too! mwahahah! She doesn't have a name yet though... Oh and of course I'm looking forward to the reptile show! :)

Längtar till lördag! Då får jag min söta Charlie ♡ Får även en till kanin, en liten lejonhuvad tös! Men hon har inget namn än, kan inte riktigt bestämma mig... Sen ser jag såklart fram emot reptilmässan på lördag! Då ska jag köpa Mads födelsedagspresent, hihi

H&M: Fashion against AIDS

"Safe sex is a message that each new generation needs to hear, which is why H&M is launching its fifth Fashion Against AIDS (FAA) collection, to raise funds and create awareness about HIV/AIDS among the young. Available in around 300 H&M Divided departments from 26th April 2012, as well as online, this year’s collection brings together ethnic influences from different continents." As written on H&M's website. Here are some of the FAA clothes:

H&M lanserar nu sin femte kollektion för Fashion against AIDS (mode mot AIDS), som har funnits i affärer och på Internet sedan den 26:e april 2012. 25% av alla sålda plagg går direkt till organisationer som hjälper till att informera om HIV/AIDS, samt skapa välgörenhetsgalor. Här är några plagg ur kollektionen:

Iphone case: €2,95, Bustier: €19,95, Shoes: €29,95, Dress: €19,95
Shorts: €19,95, Feather mask: €4,95, Sunglasses: €6,95, Dress: €24,95

Beach towel: €4,95, Straw hat: €7,95, T-shirt: €4,95, Plasters: €1,95
Tank top: €9,95, Harem shorts: €14,95, Iphone case: €2,95

25% of all sales goes directly to a variety of international HIV/AIDS awareness projects.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

High heels



I've started to write my blog in both English and Swedish, after getting the tip from a Swedish girl.

Jag har börjat blogga på svenska också! Så nu kan ni som inte är så bra på engelska också läsa :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beauty in Japan: Yaeba - crooked teeth

I read Yumi's blog post about how in Japan, crooked teeth are considered cute and beautiful, so I decidede to read a bit more about it. Apparantly some people pay a lot of money to get their straight teeth fixed into the popular crooked look, called Yaeba. Since it looks more childish than straight teeth, it's considered cute - and everyone knows cute is always in, in Japan!

Jag läste på en blogg att i Japan är sneda tänder något positivt! Därför bestämde jag mig för att läsa på mer om det. Vissa människor betalar tydligen en stor summa pengar för att få sina raka tänder fixade till sneda och "vampyr"-aktiga! Denna look kallas för yaeba. Eftersom det ser mycket mer barnsligt ut än att ha raka tänder, anses det vara sött - och sött är ju aldrig fel i Japan!

I find it funny how here in the west people undergo plastic surgery to get as close to perfection as possible, whereas in Japan, they embrace imperfection. I think it's good that everything doesn't have to be perfect, and it's true that crooked teeth sometimes give character. :) Although I wouldn't exactly pay money to pursue imperfection...

Jag tycker det är lite komiskt att vi här i väst vänder oss till plastikkirurgi för att komma så nära perfektion som möjligt, medan de i Japan ibland strävar efter imperfektion. Det är såklart bra att allt inte behöver vara perfekt där och det är faktiskt sant ibland att sneda tänder ger karaktär till utseendet. Dock skulle jag nog aldrig betala för att bli "fulare"...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cutest animal video!

For very long have I considered this adorable Pomeranian puppy to be the cutest animal video ever:

But today I found a video that challenges the Pom-video!

Of course when I film my Charlie it will win the 1st place! ;) And yes, I have a thing for white animals! I can't decide though, which one is the cutest?!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The story about me

So, a lot of people visiting my blog don't really know me, and assume things (not always nice things). Therefore, I want to tell you more about me, my childhood and personality. Let's start from the beginning...

Sister, cousin, me

1991, August 30th - My birthday, although I was born 3 weeks late. I am the second child of three, born about 14 months after my sister, and 2 years and 2 months before my brother. Had to deal with the consequences of being a middle child.. But all in all I had a good childhood. :)

About 12 years old - This is when I had my fjortis-period. It's kinda when you try to act older than you are, but in a bad way. I started with makeup at this age, and pretty much "shared" friends with my sister, until my friends and I started hanging out with "older" boys, lol! I also dyed half my hair black, which I had to regret later when it became a weird brown color that faded more and more...

13-14 years old - Had the wrong friends all along, and found out the hard way. I don't regret anything, because I had some of the best years of my life with my ex-friends and our group of friends, but I'm glad it ended. I guess this is the period when I really found where my moral belief lies ;) Actually, I had very little confidence because of my ex-friends. Whenever someone told me I was pretty, I wasn't sure if they were joking or actually meant it... So sad! xD

14-15 years old - A lot happened during this time! I got a new best friend (Zlata), and experimented at lot with my style. I went from jrocker to "emo", to more of the style I have today. I think I re-dyed my dark hair black again at some point? Anyhow, I started getting more confidence now that I had new supportive friends!

16-18 years old - High school! Zlata and I had this period when we were desperate to leave Västerås and Sweden! We were convinced we didn't fit in and we didn't like the people at all! We always went for evening walks and talked about how awesome it would be to just get on a train and go where ever it would take us. Then we discovered the possibilites of being an exchange student! I was extremely close to becoming an exchange student in Japan - went on an interview and got accepted and everything! But I decided in the end to stay and graduate high school with my two best friends; Zlata and Lina. :) - And I did! I actually went to Japan too (and Italy), but on a school trip!

Today - These days I live in Denmark with my boyfriend Mads. I still keep in touch with Lina and Zlata (she has a baby girl now - super cute!!), and of course I visit Sweden every now and then. I have realized that my biggest passion in life (even more so than fashion and makeup) is animals - and still to travel, lol! At least I got to move abroad like I wanted in high school ;)

Bunny love

I am, as you probably have noticed, totally in love with bunnies right now! They are so adorable and I can't wait 'til I can take my Charlie home (which I will in exactly 2 weeks)! To win all you non-bunny lovers over, look at these pictures I found on tumblr:

This one looks just like Charie! Awwww..!! 

I'm going to train Charlie to come when I call her name, and to walk on her hind legs and to spin (and of course I will also toilet train her)! She's going to be cool like a dog! haha

Kotakoti IS fake

I know I shouldn't continue blogging about Kotakoti, because I honestly don't care about her, but all the hardcore fans writing mean comments on my post about her (I obviously deleted those comments), I just have to write about this...

Dakota Rose/Kotakoti was recently(?) on Japanese TV. Now you can't possibly tell me that she doesn't use photoshop, that would be completely ridiculous! Compare her photoshopped pic to what she looks like on actual TV - they look nothing alike!:

Also, make sure to notice all the foundation on her lower lip.
Take that, obsessed fans!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


The fan on my laptop stopped working (probably because I never cleaned it, lol), and therefore I have to take breaks from the computer all the time so it doesn't overheat! It sucks! :(

Oh and today I got a huge package filled with more bunny things! I feel bad for the mailman xD

All that straw... 10 kg! Plus bunny "candy" (herbs and dried flowers, etc.), a ball to put candy in, cat litter - actually it's all ecologic, it clumps up in contact with liquids and you can flush it down the toilet without any problems! Awesome, huh? I also got a litter shovel with that.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Picture of my natural hair color!!

First off, today I got a hateful comment saying something about how s/he thinks I shouldn't have saved my bunny Charlie, because we're only supporting the breeder by giving him money! Well, first of all, he breeds bunnies for his own snakes, so wether or not we give him money, he will still do it in the future. Also, we paid like 100 DKK for Charlie (~18 USD/13,50 euro), but, since she's white with blue eyes and an awesome combination of two popular bunnies, she's worth more like eight times that!

Whoever you are, are you saying that you wouldn't have saved Charlie?

Would you rather let this poor bunny die?

I know I have become lazy with my blogging, but let's be fair: I have almost 20 animals to take care of - including my boyfriend! ;) As soon as the weather gets better, I will take more outfit pics! Can't wait to wear my new clothes! Unfortunately, Denmark has been suffering from evil rain lately.

Oh and, since I'm letting my natural hair color grow (well I will probably dye it eventually), here is a picture of what it looks like, except some parts of my hair that was brown from fading from black:

My hair was so shiny back then! Damn me, for thinking my hair was too "dark" and golden, and therefore ruining it! My goal is to get those golden locks back. GO ME! Oh and btw, those shoes were killing my feet = weird pose trying to save them.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Animal news

Mads, Anders and I went to a reptile show today in Roskilde! We didn't buy any reptiles though (there is another reptile show in 3 weeks, gotta save up for that one)... and at that reptile show, I will get my adorable bunny Charlie! ^^ Oh and, we also have leopard gecko eggs now:


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best nail polish this spring

I bought a pastel pink nail polish from Mavala called 180 Candy floss, and it's super pretty (and not very expensive either)! The color is perfectly pink, which is just right this spring :) If you don't like pink, try some of the other pretty colors this spring:

179 Lemon cream, 180 Candy floss, 181 Blue mint, 182 Fresh melon, 183 Pistachio, 184 Frozen berry

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gina Tricot shorts

This summer, Gina Tricot has some awesome shorts in the stores! I'm in love with them all! 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Outfit post

Leather jacket: ASOS
Leopard print top: Gina Tricot
White jeans: Bik Bok
Nail polish: Mavala 180 Candy floss

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garnier BB cream review

Garnier calls their product a "BB cream innovation". BB cream, or a Blemish Balm cream, was developed in Germany originally for laser surgery patients, to protect, moisturise and regenerate their skin, and at the same time help cover up the redness and scars. These days it is used by all kinds of people, since it is a moisturiser and foundation in one! Garnier BB cream comes in two colors so far, Medium and Light. It is supposed to be a miracle skin perfector, and it contains vitamin C and mineral pigments.

What it says it does:
♡ Even tone
♡ Blurs lines & imperfections
♡ Boosts healthy glow
♡ 24 h moisture:
♡ UVA/UVB - SPF 15

What it really does:
♡ Even tone: Well all I can say is, the color is pretty orange compared to my natural skin color in my face. Lines will be visible if not carefully applied, but other than that it's pretty even. 7/10

♡ Blurs lines & imperfection: Since it's a liquid foundation, it will create laugh line as the day goes by. I'm not old enough to be wrinkly, so I can't say anything about that, but it does not cover red spots very well, even with help from concealer (so I'm guessing it does not cover anything very well). It is recommended on the package to apply to layers for full coverage, but too much of it only looks unnatural. 6/10

♡ Boosts healthy glow: Sure, your face will be all shiny for the rest of the day. Since I have forgotten my finishing powder in Denmark, I had to use a thin layer of powder foundation to avoid looking like I've been to the gym all day. (This covers imperfections much better that just using the BB cream.) 4/10

♡ 24 h moisture: I haven't had it on for 24 hours (meaning I put it on about 9 hours ago), but so far it moisturises well. I didn't use any sort of primer or face cream before applying the BB cream. 9/10

♡ UVA/UVB - SPF 15: Not sure how well it protects me from sun rays, it hasn't been very sunny today, but I will find out, since my skin is very sensitive! ?/10

It gets the average score of 6,5/10. I must say I am a bit disappointed.

Shopping at the petshop

Brother and me, in car:

Today I went rabbit food shopping with my dad and brother! Why is animal food so expensive? :/ Anyhow, I love my new bangs, it suits me much better than side bangs actually! Oh and I tried the BB cream from Garnier today! Will write a review later! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First hair cut in years

Today I went to the hair dresser for the first time in years! Even though my hair is pretty damaged, she "only" cut off about 10cm to save some length, since she understood the importance of that! x) She also cut my bangs (actually, she cut them like her own bangs, lol!). She was such a sweet girl! And here's my new hair style, looks like how I had my hair in junior high!:
My mom said I went from having angelic hair, looking all feminine, to looking like a rocker... ><
Not my fault the hair dresser insisted on straightening my hair! I almost fell asleep while she did that btw. I woke up really early this morning because of the damn bright sun, so I was pretty sleepy, and it felt nice. xD

Anyhow, after the hair cut, I met Lina and we did some shopping! I had makeup to buy, so I ended up with a mascara from IsaDora, Garnier BB cream (people say it's awesome, so I hope it is!), and the cutest nail polish - extremely needed now that it's spring!

After the shopping, I went grocery shopping with my parents, and I also went to a petshop to look for toys and food for Charlie! Didn't find what I was looking for though, so I will go to another petshop tomorrow! Plus I will meet some friends, busy, busy!

Oh, and my sister is coming this evening! :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Circle lenses

Anyone know what brand these circle lenses are? They look awesome!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April fools' Day

Today it's April 1st, which means pranks, pranks, pranks! Mads idea of an April fools' Day prank was to first try to get me to believe I might not get the bunny because it's "sick", and then to pour cinnamon in my chocolate milk... x_x I hope you guys at least had better pranksters to deal with. ;)

Moreover, here are all the bunny stuff we have at the moment... Although we will get rid of the big cage, since Charlie will be an outdoor rabbit. Also, Mads biked over 10 km yesterday to get me the pink transport cage, when we, 30 min after he came home, found the beige one on the street. Haha typical! We cleaned it (it was extremely dirty) and will use it in case we end up getting two bunnies in May... Otherwise we will just sell it ;)