Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome to Nærum

Such lovely spring weather today! Mads and I went for a long walk in the sun :) I wasn't wearing any makeup, so no close-ups! lol Jokes aside, Danes are crazy in early spring! Mads went out in just a T-shirt and shorts, while I was wearing jeggings, a jacket (took it off for the pic) and boots. I mean it was only around 10 degrees! I know Swedes are "known" for wearing little clothes when the sun finally arrives after a long winter, but Danes are even worse! Anyhow, here are photos of us:

We also went to Mads' parents' house for dinner. His mom made yummy pizza :3 I'm longing for my dad's home made food though! I have even made a wish list of what food I want when I visit my family in Sweden in April, haha! Saknar er alla! Miss you all!

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