Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shopping for Charlie

Today my lovely boyfriend biked 5,3km x 2 to get a transport cage for the bunny! It was cheap (needs a bit of cleaning, I guess), but the best part is - it's pink!! 

Pretty, right??

We will pick Charlie (which is the bunny's name, for some reason named after Charlie the unicorn, lol!) up on May 5th, at a reptile show nearby - since the seller was going to feed the innocent bunny to a snake! She/he will then be 8-9 weeks old. :) If Charlie is a girl, we will also receive one of her sisters very cheap! I wish I could save them all, but we don't have the space for them... :(

We have also gotten a "toilet", water bottle, a bowl for food, and a small harness for her/him! I'm going to get some food pellets in Sweden, and also dry fruits and vegetables there and bring back to Denmark.

I have read a million websites about how to handle and train a rabbit, so I can't wait to hold little Charlie (and possibly one of her sisters)! I'm such a child when it comes to animals, getting overly excited and happy! xD I even created a label called "bunnies", lol! Now we just need the actual cage...

Sorry if the blog gets all bunny-fied! (yes, I know, I'm weird)

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