Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New family member - again!

Here is our latest addition to the family, a two years old female Tremper albino leopard gecko, named Chocolate (aka Choco [pronounces like Coco]). Isn't it super awesome how I now have geckos named Sundae, Banana and Chocolate? She's now roomies with Wendy, Midnight and Banana.
Isn't she beautiful? Her pattern looks sooo pretty! She almost looks yummy xD

So anyway, Mads and I went to ÌKEA today for inspiration for a new rack system for the snakes and future reptile babies. We found something that might just be perfect for them! But more about that later.

Update: I'm thinking many of you are not really interested in reading about our reptiles (except about Rango, because everyone loves chameleons!), so I made a blog only about reptiles! It's called Snow leos, and you can find it here.


Anonymous said...

Ingen går upp mot Henke! Omöjligt. :-)

Tirin said...

Nu är du bara partisk!!

Jamie said...

She looks like a chocolate caramel macchiato <3 She is so adorable!!!

Jamie said...


I saw this phone case and immediately though about you and your pets, AND IT'S PINK!!!

Tirin said...

Jamie: hahaha i should have something like that when i become a famous leo breeder ;) LOL