Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Friday!

Hello! I thought I would blog a bit today! I don't have too much to tell you though, lol. Wednesday evening, Mads and I went to a restaurant with his family, and this is what we looked like for the evening:
With babyboy, wearing very light makeup (me, not him)

Also, Mads has gotten two new snakes (one is actually really pretty, it looks just lke a leopard or a jaguar in snake version), and I'm going to Sweden to visit my family over Easter in April. :) Will be great to see my family and friends again! 

Right now Mads and his friend Anders are away to buy us some (late) dinner. We have spent the night playing video games, lol. I'm awesome at it.... well, maybe. Have a wonderful weekend!


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Emily said...

Oh this is such a cute picture!! I love your hair. Did you make side bangs? They look really good I love them <3

Anonymous said...

Tildiga vi har varit i U:a hela dagen och nu har vi problem med mejl och ivägskickandet av dem. Puss

Anonymous said...

Söt du e mårimår <3