Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I ❤ high heels

Pastel colors are very in this spring, and who would say no to these beauties from Topshop?

I think I'm in loooove... ~

I want all of them! But if I had to choose it would probably be the pink ones. ;) Will have to keep my eyes open for pastel colored jeans too! But with those, a pair of base colored shoes will be enough.


Yumi said...

oh my goodness the pink ones! O.O

Marie said...

YAY!!!!!!!! More fashion posts!

Ashley said...

Ohhhh I love shoes these are so adorable I love the pastel colors so much they are gorgeous. I also love white jeans as well I think they look so pretty especially with sexy heels! Loveeeeeeee heels.

Jamie said...

The pink are so adorable when you get them ego pic!!!!