Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hair dye plans

So it's decided; when I'm in Sweden I'm going to cut my hair!!! Well, only the ends, but I recon they will take about 10cm off, since I haven't cut my hair in years! I've been scared my hair would be very damaged and they would cut too much off (admit it, they always do), so I just didn't bother going. Now, after... 5~ years, it's finally time! I don't care if my hair will only reach my shoulders, I need that hair cut!

I also plan to dye my hair at some point (maybe after my roots start to show more). I don't want my hair to get too dark, but I want a softer shade... I'm thinking some kind of caramel vanilla blonde-brown? 

I love this color! Anyone knows what kind of hair dye to use to get this color (without going to a hairdresser)?

If I won't go as brown as in the pictures above, I at least want some kind of honey/vanilla blonde. I know I would miss being blonde if I dyed my hair brown, so I want to stay as blonde as possible, and still have a completely different hair color! :)

Which color is your favorite? And which do you think would look the best on me?


Anonymous said...

You should check out for color information. They really go in depth about some of it (including home coloring)

I just had my ends trimmed in January, and I was afraid it was going to be too short. The guy who cut my hair was not only fabulous in every way, he didn't cut too much off. I wish mine was as long as yours!

Tirin said...

Thanks for the tip, Mary! :D I will definitely check out the website.. and hope that I will be as happy with my hair as you are! x)

Yumi said...

I like the first one and the middle one, but i think the middle one will look better on you with your skin tone and such :3

Anonymous said...

Honey Caramel from Syoss would look awesome on you! It looks darker on the package then what it did on the hair, but I'm sure it would suit you a lot! Gyaruuu<3