Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog statistics + how to see IP addresses of your readers

I got a tip to check the IP address of the people writing comments on my blog, and decided to get an account on StatCounter - which is awesome! Not only can I see the IP address, where the person is from and when he/she visited my blog... but I can also see which post he/she looked at and what he/she searched for on Google, and what rank that post is on Google! Love it!

Oh, and want to see something funny? This is the top 3 most popular blog posts this month:

Seems like I should be writing more about celebrities/internet phenomenon, huh? LOL

People always tell me to write more about fashion and makeup, etc. but those kinds of posts are, by far, the most popular ones! It's good for me though, I've had a lot over 1000 views a day (which isn't very much compared to all the big bloggers out there), so I'm not complaining.

The only downside is all the hardcore fans who starts to hate on you because you don't love their biggest idol. The funny thing is that they refuse to realize the truth, so you can't really take them seriously.

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